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    Zebra Finch Mutation Posters

    -High Gloss


    -Vivid Colour

    -features over 60 different mutation illustrations

    These are the newest zebra finch mutation posters available

    The mutations poster not only features many commonZebra Finch Mutations in vivid illustrations but also newly discovered ones like black frontal, orange frontal, and George as well to name a few.  If you are a zebra finch  lover or zebra finch breeder., or know of one this is the ultimate gift.

    The pairing poster is a great way to build on your genetic knowledge as it illustrates which mutations to pair with which to accomplish some of the rarer mutations in your flock.

    Dimensions: 100 cm X 70cm ( 39.40" X  27.56")

    Buy both  posters for only $50!! 

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