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nv-powder (100 gr)



Ideal for fussy feeders

active ingredients:
vitamin b1 236 mg/kg,vitamin b2 65.5 mg/kg, vitamin b6 11.8 mg/kg,
biotin 1 mg/kg, choline 1436 mg/kg,folic acid 5.0 mg/kg,
nicotinic acid 194.8 mg/kg,pantothenic acid 47.3 mg/kg, copper 85 mg/kg,
manganese 524.5 mg/kg, zinc 1698mg/kg, iodine 40 mg/kg, sodium chloride 54 g/kg


1/4 tsp. per 100 ml of water twice weekly
or daily for 3 days when unwell, fussy or newly acquired

Aviary Birds
1 tsp. per 100 ml of water twice weekly
or daily for 3 days when unwell, fussy or newly acquired

store in cool dry place/cupboard

NV Powder is used to help birds un accustomed to a taste to
 liken to it.
It is a must have if you have a  fussy eater and want to
wean it off of a  seed only "junk food" diet and feed it more healthy
nutritious vegetables and fruits then this product will help that transition and
make it easier for the bird.
In turn you will have a  healthier more vital years for more years to come.
This product will not only help fussy birds to more easily acclimatize to a  new
diet but it also ; because of it's large amount of vitamins it can promote appetite
in sick birds.
NV powder is concentrated so please follow directions carefully.
A little goes a  long way.
This product can be used to replace Ioford Nf and Dufo Plus during
wet weather or humid indoor conditions.
We have used it once to help in picking up an ailing yellow gouldian hen.
Once she started to nibble at her sprouted seed with the NV powder sprinkled
on it, she picked up.
Unlike other appetite stimulants this one REALLY WORKS!!
WE were amazed at how fast ( 2 days) her whole health
turned right around.
She was strong enough to out live the heavy antibiotics used and has
produced some lovely chicks this season.
(3 months after illness).

If you have ill birds with no appetite or a fussy feeder this is
the product for you.

Is safe to use during any stage in
 gouldian / finches/ canaries/ hook bills  life cycle:

    feeding chicks
    juvenile molt
    annual or bi annual molt
    older adults