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  • Large Feeder Bowl (yellow)

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    Large Feeder Bowl

    8.5 cm X 8.5cm X 3.0cm

    capacity: 100 ml

    colours: yellow

    Ideal for a brooding pair with chicks in the nest, or a great tool when acclimatizing birds to your home/aviary.

    The bowls are deep enough to hold seeds and water without spilling.

    Makes a great little bird bath. 

    Its always a good idea when acclimatizing finches to have a dish on the floor so they can find food in a new environment


    We place a dish at the bottom of our cages
    filled with water to help weanlings.
    The water keeps their bellies full as they
    get less feedings from the parents. It also helps keep them hydrated at this difficult stage in their lives.

    This is a repurposed product

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