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Germinated Gems (infused sprouted seed ) 10 LBS

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Germinated Gems (Aviary Size)       Special Order *

A blend of assorted millet seeds, white and red perilla, sesame seeds, as well as nyger.

Each seed is pre-sprouted and infused with: vitamins, minerals, proteins, calcium, iodine ( to promote hatchability), and probiotics.

Ideal in feeding: molting finches rearing finches, or brooding finches.

Fussy new finches.

Why sprout seed and risk bacteria or mold?

Let a professional breeder do it for you.

All you have to do is open a

bag of Germinated Gems. It’s the no fuss way to professional bird care.

Ideal for : finches, canaries, gouldian finches

Don't your birds deserve the best?

Never leave wet food in the cage overnight.

Instructions: can be fed dry soaked in water ( a maximum of five minutes)

For maximum results feed with any egg food including premium CEDE brands

Is safe to use during any stage in
 gouldian / finches/ canaries/ hook bills  life cycle:

  •     brooding
  •     feeding chicks
  •     juvenile molt
  •     annual or bi annual molt
  •     older adults

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