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Forever Nest (mini-half open)

$10.50 $9.00


Introducing the 100% dishwasher safe/bacteria free nest series

Lady Gouldian Finch Canada is pleased to bring you

Lifetime Nests....That's right LIFE TIME  nests!!
These nests are the last nests you'll ever need to buy for your finches
Made of a durable washable plastic these nests are a  breeder's dream come true.
Wooden Nest boxes are just as much or more problematic then wicker as they can be :
Unlike wicker nests wooden nests can be painted to prolong usability, but this paint can easily chip/crack or peel and be digested by curious little teething avians.
 Is that what you want for your pet or loved one?
I did not think so and that is why I searched and finally found the ultimate nest
for professional hobbyist or beginner.

4.30" X  3.8" X  5.7"
12.5 c.m. X  9.5 c.m. X 8.5 c.m.
weight under 200 grams

We use it exclusively for the reasons listed below.
-ease of assembly
-light weight
-easy to sterilize
-easy to store
-folds flat for EASY shipping and storage
We have like many others tried nest after nest but when we found this one we were quite excited.
We knew our search was over.
It made clean up at the end of the season extremely simple and made the worries of annual
replacement costs disappear.

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