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D-Earth ( 500 grams)

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a natural defense against mites, lice, fleas and spiders in  the aviary

What is D-Earth ? : Diatomaceous Earth Fresh Water Diatoms

It is a fine dust made of the shell of specific single cell small algae called diatoms.
This particular D Earth we purchase was recovered from fresh water inter glacial lakes in North America, so that this particular brand has much
less of a environmental footprint than D Earth exported from Europe or Australia.

This is the natural alternative to pyrethrin sprays, anthelmintics,
or ivermectin at a fraction of any one of their costs.

How it works is the diatoms have many microscopic sharp edges.
These edges actually create tiny lacerations which cause anaemia
and death quickly.
Ideal in preventing healthy birds from contracting mites and gastral parasites.

Cost effective eliminating the cost to buy seperate products to combat mites, worms,
ants, etc...

Directions no more than 4% mixed in dry supplements.
ex: 20 grams in 500 grams of dry supplement.

Line cage and nest bottoms with D Earth to prevent parasites
disturbing the young.
Remember to get into the cracks and crevices to prevent infestations.
It is food grade but not good in high concentrations if using to
line cage/nest bottoms
remember to place barrier to keep curious chicks from
eating too much of it.

Precautions : always wear  face mask when dealing with D earth as it is
very  fine and the D Earth particulates float easily.

*Warning, never purchase anything but fresh water food grade d earth.
Salt water D Earth has a high crystalline silica content from a process
called calcimining (being exposed to high degrees of heat), it is dangerous to use in digestible
Chinese chalk is another form of calcinated d earth and should
not be used in the nest or in foods.
Can be applied outside the cage only.


D Earth Loses all ability to deter external parasites,
or gastric parasites if fed wet.

Is safe to use during any stage in
 gouldian / finches/ canaries/ hook bills  life cycle:

  •     brooding
  •     feeding chicks
  •     juvenile molt
  •     - annual or bi annual molt
  •     -older adults   

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